Supplier Master Data Specialist (F/M)-Porto

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Supplier Master Data Specialist (F/M)-Porto
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 Infineon Technologies Shared Service Center


 Bring Technology to LIFE!
We change the world by making people more independent of time, space, and limitations. We ask questions. Through our innovative semiconductor and system solutions we address three central challenges to modern society: energy efficiency, mobility and security. More than 25,000 Infineon team members worldwide cooperate to turn these ideas into the answers of the future.

In Portugal, Infineon Technologies Shared Service Center Unipessoal Lda. (IFSSC) is a provider of accounting and business administration services mainly to consolidated companies of Infineon Group located in Europe and North America. The Shared Service Center was founded in 2003 and it’s focused in harmonizing the accounting processes and improving the quality of financial data by implementing "Best Practices".
You will manage as Supplier Master Data Specialist the processes for all European and North American Group entities, ensuring quality and effectiveness of the processes, securing compliance by applying tight controls, while providing accurate information and timely reporting.

Main tasks:
- Creating and maintaining Vendor Master in the SAP ERP system.
- Check quality of Master Data Creation and Maintenance for completeness, correctness of names, addresses, banking details and other relevant fields of input.
- Ensuring that high quality processes and services are delivered on time as specified in Service Level Agreements and in compliance with internal control requirements.
 - Design and support governance processes and monitor to ensure data integrity, including checking for duplicates, proper management approvals, etc.
 - To create, monitor and follow up on KPI reports for all countries served.
- Training new Master Data team members in the processes and procedures for maintaining and creating master data.
- Working with own team and/or with other process teams to identify and implement improvement opportunities.
- Participating in knowledge transfer and process documentation to secure a safe transfer of Master Data work from operating sites to the Shared Service Center.
 - Participate in process change initiatives and master data cleansing/ streamlining activities to achieve improved visibility into global position with external suppliers.

Function Requirements:
We are looking for motivated, quick learner, team player and positive working attitude person to perform above described tasks in the Infineon Technologies Shared Service Center. We offer integration in a young and dynamic multinational environment. The main requirements are:

- Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or the equivalent or Language studies;
- Solid knowledge of German language in oral and written form (mandatory);
- Solid knowledge of English language (mandatory);
- Good knowledge of MS Office Tools (Excel, Outlook) and SAP R/3 (preferred);
- Excellent communication and problem solving skills.
- Exposure in Share Service Organization is an advantage

Site Location: TECMAIA - Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Maia (Maia - Porto)

If you’re interested in the job, send your detailed CV to

Ver Oferta de Emprego: - O maior site português de ofertas de emprego



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